The Wine Appreciation Course

Venue: The Tannin Level, 5 Raglan Street (Prince’s Square), Harrogate HG1 1LE

Cost: Annual Registration Fee £120 p.p. (£141 if 6 x ISO tasting glasses are required).

Purchase your annual registration here.

Do you have an interest in wine and are looking to improve your knowledge?

The Wine Appreciation Course delves into the foundational elements of wine and wine tasting. Featuring blind and analytical tastings, we will cover viticulture and viniculture, worldwide wine producing regions and lesser-known grape varieties and wines.

Spanning 17 fortnightly sessions, you are invited to join Peter Hopkins, PM Wine Services at The Tannin Level, Harrogate on an exciting wine exploration.

This course is suitable for all abilities and offers a relaxed learning environment with an emphasis on providing valuable information. If you have specific questions or topics you’d like to explore further, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

The Tannin Level, 5 Raglan Street (Prince’s Square), Harrogate HG1 1LE

Set in one of the most loved restaurants in Harrogate, The Tannin Level is the perfect setting to experience wine and food pairings.

Each evening, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a minimum of 6 wines and enjoy a single course supper.

Please note that the registration fee does not cover the cost of wines or supper. On average, the expense for the wine tasting and supper will be £38 per person per evening, payable directly to Tannin Level on the night. It’s important to be aware that this price may vary depending on the specific wines and subject matter.

In the unlikely event of a change in venue, date, or organisation, we will make suitable arrangements. We kindly request that you provide accurate contact information should this situation arise.

This season’s Wine Appreciation Course will commence on MONDAY 2nd October 2023 and continue for 17 sessions fortnightly until MONDAY 1st July 2024*.

We are looking to also organise three monthly informal evenings in the summer months of 2024 (July, August and September).

Course Schedule

Please note – There will be a break in the course schedule between December 2023 and early February 2024. The exact dates for this break are yet to be confirmed. Should there be any further interruptions due to unforeseen circumstances, we will promptly reschedule the dates to rectify this. Your understanding and flexibility are greatly appreciated.

  1. Monday 2nd October 2023
  2. Monday 16th October 2023
  3. Monday 30th October 2023
  4. Monday 13th November 2023
  5. Monday 27th November 2023
  6. Monday 4th December 2023 (Pre-Christmas “Sparkling” Dinner Evening)
  7. Monday 12th February 2024
  8. Monday 26th February 2024
  9. Monday 11th March 2024
  10. Monday 25th March 2024
  11. Monday 8th April 2024
  12. Monday 22nd April 2024
  13. Monday 6th May 2024
  14. Monday 20th May 2024
  15. Monday 3rd June 2024
  16. Friday 7th June – Sunday 16th June 2024 (Bordeaux trip, details tbc)
  17. Monday 17th June 2024
  18. Monday 1st July 2024 (End of Course Dinner Monday 1st July 2024)

Proposed Summer 2024 informal evenings: Mondays 22nd July, 19th August and 23rd September

For any inquiries or to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact me at, 07850 048945.