Terms & Conditions

We shall be pleased to supply samples on request. Net cash 30 days from the date of our invoice for approved accounts, unless we state otherwise. Payment should be made in favour of PM WINES. The seller reserves the right to charge interest at 3% above Base Rate on all sums outstanding for the period between the due date for settlement and the date on which payment in full is actually made, the same being without prejudice to the Seller’s rights to pursue such outstanding sums at any time after the due settlement date.

If delivery of goods is required prior to credit terms having been established, all goods received shall be presumed to be delivered under terms of this contract and under such credit terms as shall be offered by the Seller.

Our prices are quoted duty paid delivered or lying-in bond exclusive of VAT and are subject to availability, market and duty fluctuations and foreign exchange rates. Prices are subject to a currency movement clause. Should the Euro move adversely by 9% or more between 1st February 2020 and 31st January 2021 invoiced prices will increase by 3%. Any changes to tariffs (such as duty or any unforeseen import taxes imposed by HMRC) are outside of our control and therefore would have to be passed on.

All goods must be examined on delivery to the Buyer and signed by the Buyer or a person authorised by him/her in such a way as to make the identity of the signor clear. Any claim for breakages or loss must be notified to the Seller and the carrier if applicable in writing within three days of delivery, and any damaged goods must be held for inspection. Claims for non-delivery of goods dispatched by Carrier should be made within 10 days of the date of the invoice. Only claims made within the above conditions will be met.

The goods shall remain the property of the Seller until payment of all monies due from the Buyer to the Seller have been made in full and until such payment the Buyer shall hold the goods and all other items incorporating the goods in a fiduciary capacity and as trustee for the Seller. If the Buyer sells the goods before the Seller has been paid in full, the Buyer shall hold the proceeds of sale on trust for the Seller, and such proceeds of sale shall be placed in a separate account at the Buyer’s banks in such a way as to be identifiable as being in the beneficial ownership of the Seller. In the event of non-payment by the Buyer by the due date, or on the appointment of a Receiver, Liquidator or Administrator over the Buyer’s affairs, the Seller shall be entitled, in addition to all other rights, to enter upon any land or premises where the goods may for the time being be stored and take possession of such goods.

All cases contain six bottles unless otherwise stated. All prices quoted are on a “case rate” basis and delivered to one address. Under Bond Delivered prices are quoted exclusive of Duty and VAT, which is under the buyer’s own duty deferment. Otherwise, goods are invoiced in two parts: Only on receipt of Duty + VAT, are goods released to the customer, who must arrange for collection. For ‘In Bond Delivered’, ‘Under Bond Transfer’ and O/L (On Application), information available on request.